Mover Connect

Mover Connect

Moving is a hassle. When families buy a new home they face a challenge that they only face a few times in their life. They have to get their TV, Phone, Internet, Electric, Gas, Water, Garbage, and more all connected for their new home. Consumers move only once every 7 – 10 years so they don’t know exactly how to tackle this challenge.

The only thing they do know is it will be a Hassle!!

With Mover Connect you can solve this problem for your buyers. Mover Connect offers personal assistance on your Brokerage and Agent’s behalf in helping with All of These Connections.


Mover Connect – “White Glove” Utility Setup

Appointment with Live product Specialist

* 3 weeks before the move
* Phone appointment time to discuss their home service options
* The phone appointment typically lasts about 15 – 20 minutes.
* Product Information Specialist will assist the customer with the identification, selection, and connection of their home services.

Covers all of the important services

* Electric
* Water
* Garbage
* Phone
* Internet
* Home Security

…and more

What’s the cost?

* Free to the Consumer
* Free to the Broker
* Free to the Agent

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