Move Happy

We’re dedicated to making moving easier. Founded in 2016, MooveGuru is committed to connecting movers with the services they need, when they need them while we also help our business partners stay engaged.

We saw moving customers dealing with stressful utility connections and struggling to find the best service providers. The companies that movers need were incurring high costs to connect to potential customers, plus real estate, mortgage and title professionals are always looking for better ways to stay connected after the home sale.

We Hook You Up

MooveGuru is purpose built to use simple technology to solve complex problems. Our system is easy to use for our industry partners, easy to set up for our brokerages and agents, and delivers outstanding service to our mover customers.

We help new movers with setting up utlitly services before the move, with finding trusted home service providers after the move, and with money saving offers for the lifetime of the customer.

We take the work out of finding the consumers who are moving for our partner providers, giving them seamless access to the right people at exactly the right time for their business.

We fix one of the most common problems for real estate professionals by giving them an easy way to stay in touch long after the home sale.

Meet The Gurus

MooveGuru is home to an incredible & talented team.  We are care takers, digital natives, and engineers all working together to deliver amazing results.

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Scott Oakley

Head Guru

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Kathleen Kuhn


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Brian Friemel


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Charles Punchatz

VP of Technology

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Rob Morelli

President - HomeKeepr

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Mike Martella

Senior Director of Sales

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Mike Batherwich

Nat'l Mgr Concierge Services

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Lindsay Ridings

Director of Operations

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Matthew Fisher

Associate Project Manager